Comments from Golden Apple Artists/Writers


“I have raved about my experience to anyone who will listen.  I tell them about the beautiful setting and the generous hospitality.  The facilities were exceptional.  It was glorious!”

“It was even greater than I expected!  From the fine facilities to the delicious meals and of course, the geography and topography of the Maine coast.”

“It was a dream come true!  I was able to finish a clay bust that I had been neglecting for years.”

“Description of the residency pales in comparison to the actual experience and that can only be had by being at Golden Apple.”

“It exceeded my expectations!  Just the right combination of privacy/work time and stimulating conversation.”

“The location is exquisite, the facilities inspiring, the cottages comfortable and homey, and the food delicious.  Makes me want to do this each year.  I got a lot of work done and learned about my work methods and rhythms.  I’m so grateful for this opportunity.”

“What made my experience so wonderful was the fact that we were all able to immerse ourselves in the studio!  And to have all that in a spectacular landscape with fabulous living/working spaces is every artist’s dream come true.”

“The shared meals (the food was FABULOUS) and conversation enriched our stay even more.  The human interaction really made clear how much we all have in common when it comes to life’s challenges and triumphs.”

“I accomplished what I set out to accomplish and then some.  I went to Maine with an established process and then let the content come to me.  Everything at the residency allowed this process to unfold in a natural, relaxed way.”

“The studios were terrific.  I had everything I needed, especially the great view…so inspiring.  I like that the cottages and studios are physically separated.  It put me in a “work” state of mind.”

"Being in a completely new environment for two solid weeks enabled me to see my work with 'fresh' eyes.  I took my ideas in a new direction and it's made all the difference.  I credit the Golden Apple environment for enabling this transformation."

“I absolutely loved the little cottages that we were housed in.  They were very comfortable.  It was great to have a small refrigerator and a microwave for our personal use.”

“The beds were amazing!”

“The lodging was great.  You really did think of every last detail.  I felt right at home.”

“The meals were delicious and I especially loved the dinners.  The food was healthy, which is important to me.”

“So good it was hard not to overeat!”

"The perfect balance between quietude in which to work and social camaraderie with a small group of other artists/writers."

“The only distraction was the beauty of the setting.  At times I found myself wandering off to the water’s edge to watch the eagles fishing.”

“This was a very positive and productive experience.”

“Golden Apple provides a creative environment that allows one’s artistic practice to be engaged at will.”

“I can’t transmit verbally or in photos what an incredible experience my residency was.”

“I would absolutely recommend Golden Apple Residency to other artists.”

“Thanks to Golden Apple for an experience of a lifetime.”