An Army of Women

This ongoing series of work titled An Army of Women portrays women of all ages as the strong, intelligent and courageous beings they are.  Such women are often overlooked and underestimated within our culture's political structure, business and organizational leadership, and decision-making roles.  These paintings are meant to call out the visibility and the enormous value of capable women everywhere who possess the qualities of intelligence, wisdom, skill, knowledge and experience which translate to a true and lasting female beauty.  Watch this army grow...     

Google Earth (You Are Here) #1 - 1.5.jpg

Making It A Good Thing   30"x40"   o/c


Google Earth (You Are Here) #3 - 1.5.jpg

Jiayi and The Shell (Finding Joy)   30"x40"   o/c



Crossing The Golden River of Hope   30"x40"   o/c



Location As A State of Mind   30"x40"   o/c


September's Muse.JPG

September's Muse (Enlightenment)   30"x40"   o/c



A Tangle of Roots   30"x40"   o/c



An Indignant White Owl   30"x40"   o/c