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GOLDEN APPLE ART RESIDENCY operates as a 501 (3)(c) non-profit organization fiscally sponsored by the Alliance of Artist Communities and offers two-week residency sessions to artists and writers all over the world.   It is located along the coast of Downeast Maine and consists of approximately 50 acres of rocky shore and spruce forest.  It is truly a unique and creatively inspiring environment.

Golden Apple Art Residency is currently accepting residency applications for the summer of 2019 and will continue to accept applications through March 31, 2019.  Scholarships are available.  Please see Application Requirements. Scholarships are awarded on a first-come basis, so please apply early.  Questions?  Scholarship Information?  Contact

Summer 2019 sessions have been scheduled as follows:

SESSION ONE:  July 7 - 20, 2019
SESSION TWO:  July 29 - August 11, 2019
SESSION THREE:  August 20 - September 2, 2019

GOLDEN APPLE ART RESIDENCY is pleased to announce the 2018 recipients of Kendall College of Art & Design's Golden Apple Art Residency Scholarship. Graduate students of Kendall's MFA program Anna Schierbeek and Egan Franks Holzhausen were awarded full scholarships to attend a two-week residency session at Golden Apple this past summer.  These two scholarships are offered and fully funded by Kendall College of Art & Design.

The recipients of these scholarships were chosen from a pool of highly qualified graduate students of Kendall’s Fine Arts programs, MArch program (Architecture) and MACVS program (Visual and Critical Studies) based upon a jury process which involved submission of a letter of intent, images of current work, and an accompanying artist statement.

We offer our congratulations to these award winners and look forward to providing a creative and inspiring environment which will result in a uniquely satisfying and productive experience for these artists-in-residence.

Please scroll down to view a complete list of Past Artists/Writers-in-residence at Golden Apple Art Residency.


GOLDEN APPLE ART RESIDENCY is proud to announce the Exhibition titled Artumentary opening at the Saginaw Art Museum in Saginaw, MI from April 6 - June 10, 2017.  This unique exhibition focuses on the benefits and rewards of the Artist-in-Residence experience, specifically at Golden Apple Art Residency, documenting how such an experience impacts not only the artist/writer, but also the creative work of the artist/writer, often for years into the future.  The exhibition will showcase the juried work of fifteen former Golden Apple artists-in-residence.  A number of lectures and presentations will be scheduled as part of the Exhibition. 

GOLDEN APPLE ART RESIDENCY hosted a 3-day Portrait Painting Workshop from September 5-7, 2017 for beginning through advanced artists.  This workshop focused on representational portrait drawing and painting in oils or acrylics, and took place at the Residency located at 546 Ripley Road, Harrington, ME.  The course was taught by Shelley Stevens, Director of Golden Apple Art Residency.  Participants included Maine artists Ora Aselton, Jean Driscoll, Helga Frenner, Arlene Seavey, Mary Spence and Rhonda Keller.


GOLDEN APPLE ART RESIDENCY hosted a 3-Day Encaustic Workshop on September 7-9, 2016 to eight area artists. The workshop, which covered both the basic applications of encaustic painting and more advanced technique of this unique medium, was taught by Shelley N. Stevens, Director of Golden Apple Art Residency.  As a practicing artist, Shelley began to work in encaustic painting several years ago as an alternative to her more typical large-scale representational figurative oil paintings.  For examples of some of Shelley’s more recent encaustic painting, please view her website, click Images, then click Gallery Three:  In or Out: Location as a State of Mind.

Participating artists l to r:  Nancy Herr, Marcy MacMahon, Diane Myles, Barrie Latzko, Jean Driscoll, Helen Hall, Ora Aselton, Ann Casey-Graves and Shelley Stevens


GOLDEN APPLE ART RESIDENCY hosted a 5-day workshop “The Fundamental Approach to Plein Air Painting” on August 24-28, 2015 combining the uniquely beautiful scenery of Downeast Maine and the teaching talents of Larry Blovits, PSA.  As professor emeritus of Aquinas College in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Larry Blovits has a remarkable and long-standing reputation for his caring and dedicated teaching methods, not only in a university setting, but also in the many workshops he has taught all over the world since 1975.

Participants included: Jeanne Fisher, Andrea Hofmeister, Helga Frenner, Cynthia Huntington, Ora Aselton, Jean Driscoll and Virginia Swayne.

Please contact Shelley N. Stevens ( for information on upcoming workshops to be held at Golden Apple Art Residency.


In Celebration of Golden Apple Artists Exhibition

In celebration of their 100th Anniversary in 2015, Jonesport Public Library in Jonesport, ME hosted an exhibition of art entitled “In Celebration of Golden Apple Artists”.   The artists whose work was shown in this juried exhibition were those who had in the past six years experienced two-week residencies at Golden Apple Art Residency on Ripley’s Neck in Harrington, ME. These professional artists work and reside all over the United States.  Their work is as individual as the artists themselves, yet they have all been inspired during their residencies by the culture, landscape and raw beauty of Downeast Maine.  These paintings, drawings, prints, fiber arts, photographs and sculptural work was publicly exhibited for the first time as a collection from September 3-17 in the Library's gallery during which a well-attended reception was hosted by the Library.

Participating artists include:  Lisa Ambrose, Larry Blovits, Patricia Constantine, Hilda Green Demsky, Brenda Sipe-Donahue, Jeanne Fisher, Kari Friestad, Damian Goidich, Taylor Greenfield, Tatsuki Hakoyama, Rebecca Hastings, Salvador Jimenez Flores, Darlene Kaczmarczyk, Sarah Knill, Jenna Koening, Erin Overmeyer, Deborah Rockman, Sally Rose, Kris Sanford, Barbara Southworth, James Steigenga, Carrie Stermer, Shelley N. Stevens, Cathy VanVoorhis, Steven Vinson and Al Wildey.


Past Artists/Writers-in-Residence

Rochelle Aultman, Painting, Michigan
Kimberly Buchholz, Architecture, Michigan
Emily Cobb, Multi-media, Michigan
Steve Leary, Painting, Michigan
Gary Peter, Writer, Minnesota
Leah Gose, Photography, Michigan
Susan Estelle Kwas, Illustrator, Wisconsin
Regina Garza Mitchell, Writer, Michigan
Amber Bledsoe, Fiber and Installation Arts, Michigan
Karen Swan Armon, Painter, Colorado
Rick Beerhorst, Painter, Michigan
Dianne Carroll Burdick, Photography, Michigan

Emily Mayo, Drawing, Michigan
Bohan Li, Printmaking, Michigan
Ethan Ross, Photography and Installation, Michigan
Miranda Graham, Painting and Installation, Michigan
Nick Mayo, Photography, Michigan
Ruth Hamill, Painting, Massachusetts
Stevie Rosenfeld, Photography, New York
Michele Bosak, Mixed Media, Michigan
Rebecca Zeiss, Photography and Mixed Media, Michigan
Tom Tomasek, Pastel, Michigan
Mery-et Lescher, Writing, Florida
John Rowell, Playwriting, Maryland
James Steigenga, Photography, Michigan

Bill Bitzinger, Photography, Michigan
Patricia Nuss Bombace, Photography, Florida
Stephen Halko, Painting, MIchigan
Sherri Littlefield, Photography, New York
Seth Marosok, Painting and Drawing, Wyoming
Amy Packard, Painting and Drawing, Michigan
Nichole Riley, Mixed Media, Michigan
Gypsy Schindler, Painting and Drawing, Michigan
Carol Schwartz, Painting and Drawing, Wisconsin
James Steigenga, Photography, Michigan
Lee Timko, Painting and Mixed Media, Michigan
Elizabeth Hubler-Torrey, Encaustic, Michigan

Anne Gochenour (mixed media) - Michigan
Deborah Harper (writer) - Tennessee
Yvonne Navarro (writer) - Arizona
Erin Overmeyer (painting) - Michigan
Cathy VanVoorhis (painting) - Michigan
Ethan Ross (photography) - Michigan
Elizabeth Hubler-Torres (encaustic) - Michigan
Damian Goidich (drawing) - Michigan
James Steigenga (photography) - Michigan
Hilda Green Demsky (painting) - New York
Alan Harper (photography) - Michigan
Barbara Southworth (photography) - Virginia
Hallie LeBlanc (painting) - Michigan

Barbara Southworth (photography) -  Virginia
Kari Friestad (painting) - Michigan
Damian Goidich (drawing) - Michigan
Miranda Graham (painting) - Michigan
Jenna Koenning (painting) - Colorado
Rebecca Hastings (fiber arts) - Michigan
Larry Blovits (painting) - Michigan
Brenda Sipe (painting) - Michigan

Lisa Ambrose (painting, illustration) - Michigan
Robyn Bomhof (painting) - Michigan
Heather Duffy (painting) - Mississippi
Abbey Fitzpatrick (encaustic) - Michigan
Tatsuki Hakoyama (painting) - native of Japan
Salvador Jimenez (installation, drawing) - native of Mexico
Susan Mulder (painting/encaustic) - Michigan
Kris Sanford (photography) - Michigan

Jeanne Fisher (painting) - Michigan
Taylor Greenfield (painting/drawing) - Michigan
Susan Griffith (writer) - Michigan
Sarah Knill (drawing/painting/printmaking) - Illinois
Regina Mitchell (writer) - Texas
Sally Rose (fibers arts) - Michigan
John Urbancik (writer/photographer) - Florida
Steven Vinson (painting) - Indiana

Thia Eller (sculpture) - Professor, Olivet College
David Greenwood (sculpture) - Professor, Kendall College of Art & Design
Patricia Hendricks Constantine (painting/drawing) - Professor, Kendall College of Art & Design
Darlene Kaczmarczyk (photography) - Professor, Kendall College of Art & Design
Deborah Rockman (drawing) - Professor, Kendall College of Art &  Design
Carrie Weis (painting) - Professor, Ferris State University
Gary Wertheimer (sculpture) - Professor, Olivet College
Al Wildey (photography) - Professor, Central Michigan University
Diane Zeeuw (painting/art theory) - Professor, Kendall College of Art & Design



GOLDEN APPLE ART RESIDENCY is fiscally sponsored by the Alliance of Artist Communities, a nonprofit 501(3)(c) organization supporting artist residency programs.