We are proud to announce Alina Poroshina as the first place award winner of the latest Golden Apple online exhibition titled The Intimate Portrait juried by Stevie Rose of New York.  Alina's entries can be seen below (beginning with the winning image) along with an interview conducted with Alina by Golden Apple Art Residency Director Shelley Stevens.  Additional information about Alina and her work can be seen on her website www.alinaporoshina.wordpress.com.


Tell us about yourself and your artistic journey:
Alina Poroshina has a Masters in Fine Arts from the Kendall College of Art and Design in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where she studied painting, illustration, and art history. Her artwork focuses mainly upon expressions of the human form through themes of religious imagery, folklore, and elements of fantasy. Marc Chagall, Lucian Freud, and Leonardo Da Vinci are counted among her many artistic influences. She has been featured at several galleries and exhibits in New York, California, Grand Rapids, Chicago, and Baltimore.   Alina now focuses on art education, portfolio development, and commissioned artwork.

What inspires you or your work?
Art allows me to take memories, dreams, and sensations and make them tangible. I’m inspired by people and events in my life and I tie them in the context of art history and human spirituality.

What is your artistic process?
I was inspired to paint the glassblowers when as an emerging artist I was offered a residency by Ben Birney who co owned Global glassworks in Lansing,MI.  I was the only painter in that building and I frequently went down to the torch room to observe glass artists doing their magic.


What has been one of the biggest struggles for you as an artist?
Finding your own voice as an artist – I was lucky to develop a painting style that was intuitive and expressive early on than for a few years I was experimenting with different media and styles until eventually I went back to my own voice.   I think its a normal process for a painter to explore different techniques, until you settle on the one that is your true to your own voice.

Among your works, which one is your favorite and why?
Abduction of New Orleans
A year after hurricane Katrina I painted a very interesting and symbolic painting.   I am attached to that art on a visceral level, having experience loss and displacement myself.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given, either personally or professionally, that has helped shape your artistry?
The world that you live in creates enough impediments – do not become your art works road block.  Art will find its audience.


What do you see next for you in terms of studio work?
Working simultaneously on figure painting and still life where I will be exploring different textures and color theories.

Thank you, Alina and congratulations for your first-place award!